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Cabo Weekend: ¡México allá vamos!

(posted by Emily)
All our bags are packed and we're ready to go! It's time to head to Mexico! We are flying out of Orange County today, on the only international flight they offer. 

We hope to post everyday on this trip, and look forward to experiencing Baja California together for the first time. Can't wait for the adventures this trip will bring! 

¡Adiós por ahora!  --E y R

Adventure List - Updated!

(posted by Emily) 

Remember in January I posted about our adventures in 2014? Well, I think it's time to update that list since we've added a few trips to the calendar! 

February - Trip to Houston to see the Stevens clanCheck! :)

Check out some recaps from our trip!
Torchy's Tacos
Saint Arnold Brewing Company

April - Heading to Maui for Spring BreakCheck! :)

All of our Maui trip posts can be found through the link to "our trips," and selecting Maui - April 2014

May - Trip to ATL for Lindsey's graduationCheck! :)

We headed to Jeni's and the Atlanta Botanical Garden over Memorial Day weekend!

June - A trip to Indy to meet Lillian Jean Fricke!Check! :)

July - EuroAdventure 2014! Living on a canal boat in London, with a train trip to the continent thrown in. Brussels, Paris, Nice, Rome, and Venice, here we come!

A new favorite

(posted by Emily)

We are always looking for new dinner ideas and ever since canning day, we've tried to find ways to eat all of our delicious food! Jennie reignited our love for almond feta that day, and one of our new favorite dinners is almond feta served with nectarine jam and nectarine chutney, spread on toast. 

I've made batches of the cheeze in two different ways--processing the almonds into a flour first and just mixing the slivers with the other ingredients. I definitely recommend getting them ground up first, as it leads to a smoother cheeze. This feta is seriously one of the easiest nut cheeses to make--you need to try it! 

We have had a variety of bread maker adventures since purchasing our machine this spring. I hesitated to post a recipe until we had the kinks worked out and here's what I've discovered......Bob's Red Mill makes a GF bread mix that can be used in your bread maker :) So, all experimenting has ceased for now, and we're sticking with what…


(posted by Emily) 

It's been a few weeks since we've been back in the States, but I am still missing life on the boat. My dad took a lot of photos while we were in London, and I asked him if I could share some of the best ones with you. Our boat is called Timebender, and is a widebeam canal boat. We were lucky enough to spend a lot of time on it this summer. You can read about our boat adventures here, here, here, and here. Enjoy!

We're jammin!

(posted by Emily)

We got back from our Europe trip pretty late on Friday night, July 25th. Of course, as any sensible person would, we decided to check out our garden and harvest all of the tomatoes that had been popping up in our absence. Yes, at 1:30 in the morning.

Many of the tomatoes were soft or splitting, so we knew we wanted to use them soon. I prepped a bunch to put in the dehydrator for homemade sun dried tomatoes, but we were hoping to get some canned as well.

I've never canned anything in ball jars before, and it was just our luck when I noticed a post from Jennie on Facebook about a collective meet up that Sunday to make jam. After a quick exchange of messages, it was all settled and we headed to the shop with our tomatoes and jars in tow.

One of Jennie's friends, Judy, had received a huge number of nectarines from the Matsumoto Family Farm. Like, hundreds of pounds worth.

We were lucky that she was willing to share her bounty, and we had a blast canning our tomatoes (…