BarclAysia Day 17: A Day at the Conrad

(posted by Emily) 

4 January 2015
Koh Samui, Thailand

One of the perks of staying at the Conrad was the offer of a complimentary snorkeling tour on Sunday morning. We signed up for the 10am boat, and were pleasantly surprised to find we had it all to ourselves! Private snorkel tour? Don't mind if we do!

the fish were so friendly!
eels at the bottom of the reef
After a bit of snorkeling, we headed off to a smaller island with a beach for a swim.

the boat that took us on our tour
looking back at the beach
There was a Conrad employee who came on the tour with us as our "beach butler"--he suggested we drive around the island to see the Conrad from the water. The property is stunning when you are on it, but from afar it is even more impressive!

When we got back, we spent the afternoon relaxing in our room, enjoying the pool and the view. 

We knew we wanted to stop in to the bar for happy hour again, and enjoy the sunset. We headed down to the beach first and played some beach bocce with coconuts. There were hammocks overlooking the water too, and of course we had to indulge. 

On the way up to the bar, we decided to forgo the golf cart and walked the hills on our own. 

Cocktails were had, but the sunset was obscured by clouds, so no pretty pictures from this night! Dinner was at Zest again, but we had ocean front views from our table this time. 

looking down from my seat at the table
studying the menu
a little friend who we had spotted at dinner the night before was back! He even had a brother in tow.
Tom Kha
Rick and our kitty friend, who was munching on the mushrooms from my soup. Yes, we caved and fed the animals :) 
Dinner was delicious again, and afterward we went down by the pool to enjoy one more cocktail. We ended up taking the drinks back to our room, and called it a night after some movie watching!

Massage Count: 9



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