How We Got Here: Crete

We are hoping to do a series of posts for our destinations, sharing a bit more in depth about how we used points and miles to get here. Since Rick is the expert in all things points related, he'll be the one explaining how all of this works! Enjoy!

Leaving Istanbul, we needed the quickest and easiest way to Crete.

I chose a flight from on Aegean Airlines.  We needed to connect through Athens, and then go on to Chania Airport in Crete.  Priceline offered the flight for $109.30 per per person ($218.60 total)

Again, checking, you can see that they will offer you $5.00 back per flight booked.  So we have knocked our total cost down to $208.60.  

As my last post stated, you can use the Capital One Venture card to write off travel purchases.  I used 20,860 points to write off this Priceline purchase, effectively making this trip free.  

While in Crete, we decided to stay out in the country at a secluded Airbnb property.  It was only $52.00 a night, and after service fees, it came out to $232.00 for 4 nights.  Airbnb counts as a travel expense on Capital One, so I was able to write off our 4 nights here as well for 23,200 points.  

44,060 points later, we arrived to Crete for 4 nights without spending anything at all........!

Phew! That's a lot of math! But, it hopefully gives you a bit of insight into our process and how we figured out this leg of our trip!


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