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EuroChristmas: Welkom op Amsterdam

30 December 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Step Count: 22,946 (9.61 miles) 

We were up early Wednesday morning to head to Amsterdam. Shout out to the Helsinki airport for their efficiency and ingenuity--we tagged our own bags, scanned them in, and avoided traveling families with the addition of a "Kids Gate" at security. Smart, smart, smart!

The flight went by quickly (I slept the whole way), and we hopped on the train to Amsterdam Centraal station. From there, we walked to our hotel, taking in some of the sights as we dragged our bags along the narrow streets. 

We stayed at the Intercontinental Amsterdam, which is a pretty posh spot. Lots of celebrities stay here when in the city. 

We decided to grab a snack and check out the free walking tour of Amsterdam. It was fun to see even more of the city, as we headed to Dam Square. 

EuroChristmas: A Day in Helsinki

29 December 2015
Helsinki, Finland

When we got back to Finland, our first stop was back to the Hilton to check in and get our things settled before exploring the city a bit more. Rick and I ended up with the exact same room we had stayed in a few days before :) 

We wandered toward the Design District, stopping in a few shops and malls along the way. We saw a vegan grocery, visited Marimekko, and had a snack in a mall food court. 

In the Design District, we visited a number of decor shops, with items for home, clothing, and books. I am now, more than ever, obsessed with all things copper, and want to redo our entire house.