Fence Post Planter

(posted by Emily)

I feel like a garden is one of those spaces where the work will never be finished. There are always new plants to grow, crops to change out, watering needed, and on and on. Luckily, we really love working outside and really love our garden :) This weekend consisted of two trips to Home Depot (per normal), and a trip to Lowes to fill out our back bed (we got a few other things, too). We added a blue hydrangea, fox glove, freesia, a blue potato bush, an agapanthus, and a Little John bottle brush bush. 

Now the hard part comes--waiting for the plants to grow, bloom, and become more established!

Our other garden project on Sunday has been a long time coming. Last year, on a trip to Orange County Farm Supply, we saw some amazing hanging planters made from old pallet wood. The DIY in me knew that we could easily make one ourselves--there are plenty of ideas and tutorials on Pinterest. We ended up using 6 ft fence posts and 2x4s to create our planter. 

I don't have directions for construction (sorry, friends) and since its short-lived time as an herb planter outside the kitchen, the planter has been hanging out by our shed unused. We've known that we wanted the planter to hang, and even talked about making a few more of these boxes to hang on the outside of the house, sort of like living artwork. Well, we decided to go for it. This was the lucky "wall space" that needed some loving: 

At Home Depot, we picked up some screw eye hooks and regular hooks, on the recommendation of a friendly customer who was totally into helping with my DIY project (yet another reason I love Home Depot--so many great customers and employees who help transform my ideas into reality). We have wooden siding, which made this project fairly simple. We took out our stud finder, marked the studs, pre-drilled the holes, and screwed in the hooks. The eye hooks went in to the vertical 2x4s at the top, offset toward the back just a bit. Rick used his vegan man muscles to wrangle the planter into place, and we nailed on the final fence post onto the front. We used small nails for this, in the event we have to remove the planter for any reason (though for Rick's sanity, I hope we don't!). 

The plan is to fill the upper boxes with plants that will have some height (snapdragons, firecrackers, etc) and the lower boxes with things that will dangle or hang. Can't wait to get it all filled up!

Got any plant suggestions? Send them our way!


  1. The idea of this modification is to replace the fence clamps with a block that locks into the MFT hole grid. Here's a picture of the finished block with two 3/4" dowels in the block. http://gardenfenceinstallation.bravesites.com/sitemap.xml


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