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Hello from my Bluetooth keyboard! This is a test post from the iPad, just to see how things turn out. I am curious to see what the formatting is like, as I drop in pictures from the iPhone, but compose text on here. It is definitely faster and more comfortable to type on here than to use the regular touch screen keyboard. Clearly, I am anxious for our trips to get underway!

                                      mobile blogging set up on the couch

I am sort of a font/formatting snob, so we'll see what this post gets us. Does it look any different to those of you on a computer? I tend to prefer sans serif fonts (things like Helvetica and Arial) over more traditional fonts like Times New Roman. Here's hoping this turns out okay on a computer screen :) I was all ready to post a link to the Helvetica documentary, but that doesn't seem to be possible on the app. So, I highlighted the word instead, and I'll leave a link for you at the end of this post! That will have to be the new norm, come "on the road" blogging time.

Hope you are having a great night! It just started to rain at our house, which means our plants are going to be very happy! :)



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