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Curried Tempeh Wraps

(posted by Emily) A few weeks ago, I posted a number of recipes that looked inspiring to me on Pinterest. I made stuffed pepper for us not long after that, but it has taken a few weeks for me to try out the Curried Tempeh Wraps from Allyson Kramer . I figured wraps would be an easy, packable lunch and we were both really pleased with how they turned out! Following the recipe, I browned my tempeh in coconut oil and put it in a large mixing bowl. I added apple, shallot, and cucumber, the curry powder and mayo, and a bit of agave instead of peach preserves. The mixture reminded me of a chicken or tuna salad, and I have been storing it in a tupperware until it is time to wrap up. I made the salad on Saturday afternoon, and it has held up well in the fridge. We have some much Swiss chard in the garden, we don't know what to do with it all--this has been the perfect way to use some up! A great, filling lunch that eats cleanly and travels well. Y

Nopales Nachos

(posted by Emily) One of the best parts of my job here in LA has been learning more about the Hispanic culture. The kids and parents at my school take so much pride in their heritage, and it has been fun to learn about their food, traditions, and values. The moms would help out with lunch everyday have become great friends, and they are always sure to encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. When Rick and I made tamales in the fall, they were so proud of us--hilarious, and endearing. One mom in particular has been very supportive of our love of food, always buying kale chips from REfoods, and bringing in food items she thinks we would like to try. On Friday, she showed up to school with a bag of nopal or prickly pear cactus pads and was sharing with everyone. I was excited to try something new, and got 4 pads to take home. I have known about eating nopales for a while, having first seen something about grilling them on a Man vs. Wild-type TV show. We've gotten a few a

Fusion Bowls

(posted by Emily) One of our favorite food experiences in Maui was stopping in to Maui Kombucha . We were totally impressed by the quality of the food, and I was inspired by the fusion bowl we tried while there. Basically, the bowl starts with quinoa on the bottom, soup in the middle, and micro greens on top. At the farmers market this weekend, I picked up some baby lettuce and veggies to roast for soup. I made a small batch of soup--cauliflower, onion, leek, and carrot, pureed with veggie broth. Roasted veggie soup is simple and easy to make (WARNING! If exact measurements are what you look for in a recipe, you may be disappointed) : roast your veggies (tossed in olive or coconut oil and S&P) at 425*, until browned. Add to a soup pot and cover with veggie stock. I let the veggies simmer in the broth for about 15-20 minutes to help the flavors meld, then puree the mixture in the Vitamix. I return the blended soup to the pot and add salt and pepper to taste. If the

Best of Our Trip: Maui

(posted by Emily) After a few days home to decompress, I decided it was time to do an overview of our trip as a whole. Some of you may have noticed the updated tabs at the top of the blog, including a link to our trips . This page is going to serve as an index of our travel, with all of the posts related to a trip together in one spot. All of our Maui recaps and posts leading up to the trip can be found here ! Any feedback you have about our organization is greatly appreciated (or if you know how to make a drop down menu on Blogger, let me know)!  Without further ado, here is the best of our trip! Best Dinner: The Flatbread Company Best Snorkeling Experience: Turtle Town Best Beach: The beach on the way home from Hana, where Rick went boogie boarding, which I'm pretty sure is Koki Beach Park . Best New Cocktail: Mai Tai (I thought the ones at Old Lahaina Luau were the best versions) Best Single Food Item: Coconut Glen's ice cream

Backyard Update

(posted by Emily) We've slowly been adjusting to life at home, which had meant lots of sleep and relaxing. Thank goodness we planned a few buffer days after the trip!  The laundry is done, and we've had time to do some updates in the backyard, too. We planted some pepper plants (jalepeƱo), cucumber, and a new kale plants, to spread out our crop. We caged all 9 of our tomato plants, too! On Saturday, we hung a new strand of bulb lights. Loving our outdoor seating area at night!  Sunday, Rick suggested we pick up some flowers for a small side bed near our back door out of the kitchen. Didn't have to ask me twice! We tried to grow raspberries there last year to no avail. This year, we added in a camellia bush, azaleas, honeysuckle, clivia, and some celosia.  before the haul after! One last update for you--our rose bush is loving life! Things are doing well in the fence post planter, too :)  Hope you had a great weekend

Maui Day 7: Aloha, Maui!

(posted by Emily) Thursday was our last day on Maui, and we started with a lazy morning, watching tv and packing up our suitcases. We wanted to get some good pictures of the resort during the day, so we wandered the property one last time, appreciating the beauty of everything around us. We even got to catch the 9:30 penguin feeding--Rick was pretty excited :)  some shots of the room Rick had the forethought to pack some of our Whole Foods gift cards, so we decided to get lunch in Kahului which made sense because we'd be closer to the airport there, too. We wandered the store exploring the options, and decided on a hot food bar box and some vegetarian ramen. In the check out line, we could tell that the employees were a bit starstruck by the man in front of us--turns out it was John Mackey , CEO of Whole Foods. I wonder what it feels like to buy groceries from yourself! Our prepared foo