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EuroAdventure Day 27: Last day in London

(posted by Emily) Tuesday 22 July On Tuesday, we decided to head in to London for one more day. Malcolm was going in to the city to visit his brother, and was kind enough to pick us up in Roydon and take us along. We enjoyed seeing the smaller towns along the way, and all of the green spaces.  We decided to head up to Camden Lock Market for lunch. After weighing the options, we decided to try Falafel Time. After filling our wraps with a little bit of everything (no olives for me, please!) and getting them crisped up on the panini press, it was time to enjoy.  We did a little shopping, and headed up to a meeting I had scheduled near Borough Market/London Bridge. There was time to stop for some happy hour drinks (sorry, no pictures!), but we decided that mostly, we felt fulfilled. There weren't any other sights we wanted to see, no restaurants we hadn't hit yet. So, we got back on the train to Roydon and walked up to the Bengal Lancer for dinn

EuroAdventure Day 26: Afternoon on the boat

(posted by Emily) Monday 21 July Daily Step Count: No idea (Pacer app fail) On Monday, we were excited to get back out on the boat. Most of our trips have been south on the River Lee toward London, and we decided it would be fun to go the other way on this adventure.  Oh Captain, my captain (nice boat shoes!) Near the second lock we always go through en route to River Lee, there is some sort of hippie tent camp/boat city that has popped up. Not sure how long they are planning to stay, but there are 8 to 10 boats all tied up together, tarps up in the trees, and hammocks and laundry strung between branches. I can't imagine the Canal and River Trust is too happy about them.... On the way north, we passed few pubs, another marina, and some beautiful houses.   This is another marina, in Lee Valley  One of the most amusing sites was this boat, which was pedal powered. A family was riding along, with

EuroAdventure Day 25: Back to the boat

(posted by Emily) Sunday 20 July Daily Step Count: 13,041 After a great night's sleep at the Hilton London Gatwick (for the record--the largest Hilton both Rick and I have ever seen), I was so ready for breakfast. We were able to eat in the hotel's restaurant, at their buffet.  We were both tickled to find so many options for us--fruit, salad bar, hash browns, vegetarian sausages, OJ, cranberry juice, tomato juice, and even soya milk for our coffee! I was one happy camper!! We did a quick bit of research about how best to get into the city, and then hopped on the train. We rode into Statford, and had time to pick up a few groceries at M&S before our train to Roydon.  When we got back to the boat, we sorted out all of our dirty laundry and got the loads started. Beds were made, things put away, and we put together a pitcher of Pimms. #priorities  As we were cleaning out our bags, I realized that other than clothes/scarves

EuroAdventure Day 24: Lido and leaving Venice

(posted by Emily) Saturday 19 July Daily Step Count: 29,572 On Saturday morning, we woke up to another great breakfast from our hotel. Having the benefit of a free meal to start the day was totally worth it to us. We checked out of our room, but had the hotel hold our backpacks so we could pick them up later, closer to our departure. We decided to head back over to San Marco Square to see what the line for the basilica looked like. The streets were packed, with lots of tour groups from the cruise ships in town for the weekend.  The line to get in to the church was still pretty long, so we opted to get on the vaporetto and head over to Lido .     Lido is another one of Venice's islands, very long and narrow. It has swimmable beaches, so the locals tend to go there on the weekend to escape. The boat trip over was easy enough, though crowded.   When we got to Lido, I was feeling a bit nauseous from the boat ride. Strange, because I usually don'