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Portland Weekend: Friday (part one)

(posted by Emily)  Even though this post is labeled Friday, it has some of our Thursday night adventures, too! :)  Thursday 25 September 2014 With marching band in the fall and winter drumline in the spring, it is rare for us to have weekends with nothing going on. When we were planning out our lives this year, we noticed the last weekend in September was a free one for both of us, so we decided to check out a new city!  Portland is often described as a vegan mecca --there are tons of great restaurants, and almost every place in the city offers veg options. It is truly an integral part of the city's culture. We've only been to the city once  on a quick stop to go to the bank pick up Voodoo Doughnuts and are huge fans of Portlandia --it only makes sense that we would get there eventually! We left LAX late Thursday afternooon, with a quick connection through Oakland. A friend of mine is a teacher in Indiana, and her class is learning about the United States

FriDIY: Custom Photo Mat

(posted by Emily)  Today's FriDIY is a project I have taken on a few times in the past and I know I will do again! It's time to cut our own custom photo mat!  Materials Needed:   Frame (I picked up one from IKEA )  Ruler Pencil Exacto knife or blades Old magazine Scissors Photo The need for this IKEA hack was brought on by a new photograph that Dad had printed for us, a favorite from our trip this summer.  I knew we wanted to hang the photo in our bedroom, so I picked up a Fjällsta frame from IKEA to match the other frames we have hanging over our bed.  There was one slight problem--due to the proportions of the photo, it wasn't going to fit in the pre-made mat that comes with the frame. The frame's mat has a window for an 8x10 photo, and ours is 8x12. Luckily, I've solved this problem successfully in the past! All we need to do is cut the pre-made mat to make it fit our odd-sized photo.  I began by disassembl


(posted by Emily) Today is the day! It's finally here! We're off to the land of hipsters, craft beer, and vegan food galore.  A few weeks ago, we started to put together a list of restaurants we wanted to go to, because let's be honest--we're really just going for the food! As always, with any trip we take, I created a Google doc that has all of the restaurant information (address, phone number, hours) for us to have with us. Luckily, we are staying in the US on this trip, so details about metro/underground/public transit stops are less crucial than when we travel internationally.  We are really excited to try all of these places! In no particular order: Homegrown Smoker Sweet Hereafter Portobello Trattoria Blossoming Lotus Falafel House at Slabtown Native Bowl Papa G's Vegan Deli VooDoo Doughnut White Owl Social Club We're also planning a stop at the vegan mini mall , and Herbivore Clothing ! While we are in Portland, it is