Portland Weekend: Saturday (part one)

(posted by Emily)

Saturday 27 September

We knew our Saturday in Portland would be a busy day--with great events like VegFest and free museum day, we had a lot of things we wanted to do. We started out morning by wandering through the Portland Saturday Market (no pictures, sorry!), which was on our way to the Oregon Convention Center, where VegFest was located. 

When we got to the convention center, we were glad to get in the ticket line early. It literally doubled in length by the time we had our tickets in hand! We were most excited to get into the exhibit hall, where all of the samples, vendors, and products were located. 

inside the exhibit hall
lots of people already here!

In addition to business showing off their new products, there was a mini food court. We spotted Veggie Grill, and even Homegrown Smoker!

It was so much fun to wander the booths and try all of the food samples and see the variety of offerings. One of our favorite booth was Oregon Brineworks, where we had time to talk with the owner and creator about pickling and fermentation. Such yummy samples!

There were booths by Tofurky, Hemp Hearts, Dr. Bronner's, and many, many more! I was glad Rick suggested bringing my bigger purse that day--we definitely ended up with a lot of great stuff to bring home! It was fun to see some new-to-us companies, too, and ask about when they will be bringing their products to the LA area. 

more booths
Luckily for me, Herbivore had a booth in the hall, and had the tank top I was coveting! Can't wait to wear this bad boy in Thailand this winter :)

After getting our fill of munchies, health and beauty products, and animal rescue information, we decided to head out for brunch. There were a number of films and speakers being presented at VegFest, but we had too many other things we wanted to get done!

a sampling of all the great stuff we got!

Brunch was at Blossoming Lotus, a must-eat for weekend vegan brunching.

We started off with a Bloody Mary--great spicy flavor, made with a house made bloody mix.

Rick was a fan of the garnishes
We shared a piece of the daily frittata (mushroom, onion, and peppers) with roasted potatoes and sautéed kale. Everything was very fresh, and the flavors melded together really well.

We finished with a roasted red pepper and tomato soup that was rich and creamy. All in all, a delicious brunch!

Stay tuned for the rest of our afternoon, coming soon! 


  1. Looks great. I liked reading through all of these parts and it looks like everything was super enjoyable. I also would be hosting the annual office party at the local convention center and planning various things for that. It is certain that we would use a vintage minimal theme for this event. I hope that everything turns out to be successful.


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