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BarclAysia Day 16: Conrad Koh Samui

(posted by Emily)  3 January 2015 Leaving Krabi, off to Koh Samui, Thailand We were up early on Saturday morning to catch our transfer to Koh Samui. I decided to take a few more photos of the Vogue Resort while we waited for the van.  Koh Samui is an island off the south eastern coast of Thailand. There are a number of islands in that area, but Samui is one of the largest.  You can see Krabi on this map too, further south.  In order to get to the island, we had to plan for a bus and ferry service . There is an airport on the island, but it's cheaper to take the high speed catamaran. The first leg of the trip was via double decker coach bus, similar to the mega bus.  After about 2 hours of driving, we arrived at the pier where we boarded the ferry. It is a high speed catamaran boat, and takes about 45 minutes to get to Koh Samui. There were TVs on the boat that provided a safety briefing, then short documentary/promo segments about the isl

BarclAysia Day 15: Beach time

(posted by Emily) 2 January 2015 Krabi (Ao Nang), Thailand On our second day in Krabi, we decided to start the day with massages. We headed back over to the Golden Beach Resort, where I got a foot scrub and Rick had a Thai massage.  In addition to the spa, the hotel had a small food stand along the beachfront. We grabbed cocktails, and some Pad Thai for breakfast/lunch, and went down to the water to relax.  ordering Pad Thai We spent time swimming, laying in the sun, reading, and watching the monkeys. People were buying fruit to feed them, and the monkeys would spot them coming from across the beach. They would run over to the people, tug on their shorts or even climb up on them. Too funny. Mid-afternoon, we grabbed cans of Chang from a vendor, which was the perfect refresher.  Later in the afternoon, we headed back to the hotel to shower. We ended up catching the whole of Click , which had been on the day before. Then, Zero Dark T

BarclAysia 14: New Year's Day

(posted by Emily)  1 January 2015 Chiang Mai and Krabi (Ao Nang), Thailand When we last left you, we were off to Chiang Mai airport in the wee hours of the morning. Our flight to Krabi was at 6am, so instead of sleeping for three hours in a hotel and heading to the airport, we decided to pick up our backpacks and venture that way immediately after the NYE celebrations.  How did we get to the airport? You guessed it. We walked! We arrived at the airport around 2:30/3am, and camped out on some padded seats for about an hour and a half until security opened. Not the best night's sleep, but it was a free night's sleep.  headed to security, around 5am We were on another Air Asia flight to Krabi, a southern beach destination on the west coast of Thailand, on the Andaman Sea. Rick and I both managed to sleep for the whole flight, and before we knew it, we had arrived.  In keeping with the other Air Asia flights we had been on, we had to board a small bus to