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Weekend in Cancun: The Ring

(posted by Emily) For those who follow me on Facebook, you've heard this story before. Indulge me for a second as I recap for the very small portion of our readership who may not have heard the tale from beginning to end :)  Rick and I have worn our wedding rings all around the world and on many different adventures-- driving the boat and opening lock gates , snorkeling in Thailand and Mexico , swimming in Nice . For the most part, we haven't thought anything of it. Looking back, the only time we were cautious and left them behind was while snorkeling in Maui .  On Saturday, our first full day in Cancun, we decided to go on a snorkeling trip to see different, unique parts of the area. We stopped in three different spots--an open cenote, an cave cenote, and an open water inlet where the sea and freshwater me.  As we were swimming around a sandbar, Rick popped up out of the water and exclaimed, "Emily!" while holding up his left hand--no wedding ring to be

Weekend in Cancun: Snorkel Adventures

(posted by Emily) One of our favorite things to do while on beach vacations is find a time to go snorkeling. When we planned our trip to Cancun, we knew a snorkeling trip was definitely on our list of things to do! We booked our excursion through a company called Adventuras Mayas . They offer a variety of tour packages, with lots of different activities. We opted for the " Mayan Adventure " tour, which included 3 different snorkeling destinations and lunch. The tour company handled transportation from and back to our hotel, and all of the equipment we needed.  Our first snorkeling destination was a freshwater, open cenote . We participated in a "Mayan Sacrifice," jumping off of a platform into the water, and a zipline in to the water. We had an hour to snorkel around as we pleased before heading to the next destination.  Rick on the zip line  Our second location was a cave cenote--no fish or photosynthesis to

Weekend in Cancun: Logistics and Lodging

(posted by Emily) I am trying something a little different with our latest vacation updates. Since our focus this spring break was rest and relaxation, I opted not to post every day and just enjoy the trip while we were on it. So, we are breaking things up a little differently this time! Let me know what you think! This year, Rick and I are not fortunate enough to have the same spring break, but knew we still wanted to take a trip together. Instead of our typical week-long adventure, we planned a long weekend (Friday to Tuesday) in Cancun! We had such a great time at the Hyatt Ziva over Labor Day Weekend , we decided to give Hyatt's Cancun property, the Hyatt Zilara , a chance. Now it's time for a little logistics and lodging breakdown! How We Got There: We flew Southwest from LAX to Cancun, with a connection through Austin on the way there. Our trip home was two legs as well, with a stop in Denver. Rick and I are lucky enough to have a Southwest Companion Pass