Weekend in Cancun: Snorkel Adventures

(posted by Emily)

One of our favorite things to do while on beach vacations is find a time to go snorkeling. When we planned our trip to Cancun, we knew a snorkeling trip was definitely on our list of things to do!

We booked our excursion through a company called Adventuras Mayas. They offer a variety of tour packages, with lots of different activities. We opted for the "Mayan Adventure" tour, which included 3 different snorkeling destinations and lunch. The tour company handled transportation from and back to our hotel, and all of the equipment we needed. 

Our first snorkeling destination was a freshwater, open cenote. We participated in a "Mayan Sacrifice," jumping off of a platform into the water, and a zipline in to the water. We had an hour to snorkel around as we pleased before heading to the next destination. 

Rick on the zip line 

Our second location was a cave cenote--no fish or photosynthesis to be seen here! The water was colder, but it was fun to see the bats flying overhead :) 

Our final stop was an inlet where fresh water met the ocean. Lots of colorful fish to be seen here! It was fascinating to see the salt and fresh waters mixing together--because they have different viscosity, it was like your vision was blurry, even with a snorkel mask on. This is also where we discovered Rick's ring was missing, but more on that later!

We would definitely recommend Adventuras Mayas to anyone heading to Cancun! They were professional, provided great service (and food!), and had some great locations for us to snorkel at!


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