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Rick in Japan: First day in Tokyo

(posted by Rick) 1 May 2015 So to start this trip off the right way, I found out my stand-by ticket allowed me to sit in Business/First class for the 12 hour flight to Tokyo.  Free champagne, 5 course dinner, and wine all night long.  Did I need the wine? No......but how often are you in first class?  Sleep was great and arrived to Japan feeling refreshed. I arrived to Tokyo at 1:30 AM and took a cab to my Airbnb location.  I met a girl named Naoko who had a great apartment with multiple people renting out rooms.  She was nice enough stay awake until my 2 AM arrival.  I caught up on a little sleep and woke up bright and early to meet my friend Yuko.  She lives in Tokyo and we went to college together back in New York in 2003.  She and her boyfriend were nice enough to give me a full day's tour of Tokyo.  This was one of the temples we went to in the Asakusa district Later, and most importantly, was the food.  Yuko and Masa took me to Monja street, which

Bon Voyage!

(posted by Emily)  Someone's going on a trip! In a somewhat last minute and impulsive move, Rick is off on a trans-Pacific flight to Japan for the next five days. You're probably thinking to yourself, what on Earth?! and trust me, it was a surprise to us, too! Every spring, Rick and his teaching partner Jen assign a research paper to their high school juniors. The kids choose a topic they are passionate about, and work through their first big paper over a number of week. One Sunday evening, a student emailed Rick about his paper--Kaili wanted to write about the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. His question to Rick was about his research. Kaili's dad works for Delta, and he wanted to know if traveling to Japan to see this historic places could count as source material for the paper. Well, duh! Fast forward a few days--Rick calls me in the middle of the school day, because Kaili has asked if Rick wants to join them on this trip to Hiroshima