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Barclays in Bali: Ubud on foot

23 November 2015 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia  On Monday morning, we were up early. We relaxed at bit at our home stay, reading and researching what we wanted to do that day. Rick found an easy hike with great views called the Campuhan Ridge Walk, so we headed there before it got too hot.  The hike passes through the rice fields in Ubud, on a ridge between two valleys. Along the way, we met a young woman from Spain, Irene. We ended up doing the whole hike with her, hearing about where she has been on her travels and talking about the places we've been and are going. We managed to finish the whole hike, which makes a loop, and totals 10km.  Rice fields along the way. Seeing the irrigation systems up close was fascinating.  Walking through local villages, with lots of art on display.  Our new friend, Irene.  We decided to go to a nearby restaurant, Sari Organik, for lunch and Irene picked up her motorbike and joined us. The restaurant is in a village in the middle of rice paddies, and the v

Barclays in Bali: Busy Sunday

22 November 2015 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia  Sunday morning  began with a delicious curry for breakfast, prepared by Wayan's mother. Rick had asked if we could see some gamelan music and we headed off to a traditional Balinese dance show.  Our cheesy tourist photo, that they printed on some sort of a plate and tried to get us to buy.  The outdoor stage  The gamelan ensemble  Each village here has a specialty product that they produce. In Mas, where we are staying, wood carving is the handicraft of choice. In fact, the workshop where Wayan and his father work was started by his grandfather. After the dance show, we stopped to look at a Batik workshop, where we purchased some fabrics and scarves (I have some pillow covers to make!).  Then, it was off to a famous temple in the area where we were able to try some gamelan ourselves! We also went on a tour to a local coffee and chocolate farm. Agro tourism is big here, and luwak coffee is the most expensive in the world. I'll let you goog

Barclays in Bali: Arriving in Ubud

Saturday 21 November 2015 Taipei, Taiwan and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia  Our first flight from LA arrived in Taiwan around 6am. Our connection to Bali was delayed, but we were able to hang out in a lounge and eat some breakfast before our next flight.  After arriving in Denpasar on Saturday evening, our first stop was our Airbnb, the Amrit B&B in the town of Mas, about 10 minutes from downtown Ubud the property is beautiful, home to a wood carving workshop and bed and breakfast with 4 rooms. Our host Wayan is friendly and accommodating, and we enjoyed talking with him about his life in Bali.  Looking out from the building where our room is.    The gardens in the compound are beautiful! Our Balinese home: The breakfast area: Inside our building: The family/community temple is just outside our window  Our balcony overlooks rice paddies  We decided to go into town for dinner, and walk around a bit to get the lay of the land. We at at Tutmak, a cafe I had read about online, which serves veg