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EuroChristmas: The Hermitage

27 December 2015 St. Petersburg, Russia Step Count: 29,701 (12.66 miles) Sunday was Hermitage day--the museum is one of the oldest in the world , opened to the public in 1852. We explored so many different sections of the museum and I took a ton of pictures. I'll let the images do most of the talking in this post!  We stopped for coffee en route to the museum in the morning I wonder how many countries will have a sign with a sentiment like this or similar :)   Rick and I loved the thoughtfulness of the displays, even the design of the items of the street. Very fun.   In front of the Winter Palace, home to the museum  Dad taking photos of the exterior of the building Bucket list item--check!  Rick in the square in front of the museum  Inside the ancient artifacts section The oldest pile carpet in the world. From the 3rd or 4th century BC mosaic tiles from Turkey  I spy an ikat flag in the Islamic armor room Disclaim