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Summer 2018: Hanoi

We both agreed that Hanoi was the most livable city we visited in Vietnam--lots to see, do, and eat, beautiful buildings, lots of green space. We were lucky to visit on a weekend, because many of the main streets were closed to cars and bikes, allowing pedestrians to have more space to move around and socialize. EAT : Bahn Mi 25 - A bit out of the Old Quarter, this Banh Mi spot is popular with tourists and locals alike. Cheap sandwich, great bread, quick service. Giang Cafe - Egg coffee is a uniquely Hanoi specialty , which Giang Cafe claims to have invented. An egg white foam is added to a hot or cold coffee, making for a creamy (and very filling) dessert-like drink. Mine had cinnamon, while Rick opted for regular. It reminded me of liquid tiramisu! We met a wonderful couple from Singapore in the cafe, who kindly took our picture and shared with us a bit about their country. Looking forward to visiting in a few weeks! Pizza 4Ps - I told Rick when