Summer 2018: Luang Prabang

With 5 nights, 6 days in Luang Prabang, we had a great opportunity to deeply explore the city. It reminded me of the SE Asian version of Cheers - you will see people you know almost every day (“Oh! There’s that guy who sat next to me on the plane!” “Look! The people we did the elephant trip with!” “Hey! There’s that family we met in Hanoi at the tailor.”). It was fun to people watch, make new friends, and learn about a new place and its people.   EAT :   Bamboo Tree -  Offering both a restaurant and cooking school, Bamboo Tree has great local food. They use fresh ingredients, and prices aren't too expensive! We stopped in for a late lunch one day, and dinner another. Didn't go to their cooking school, but it has great reviews! Tamarind Tree Restaurant -  Down at the side of the peninsula near the Mekong is Tamarind Tree. Cheap eats, great vegetarian options. The restaurant is simply a few easy ups and tables, but we ate there three times. It