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Ever wondered how we travel the way we do? Well, we're here to help! 

We are available for private consultations!

What we offer: 

"Book a Trip" Packages

"Use Your Miles" Packages

"Make a Plan" Packages

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Package Details: 

"Book a Trip" Package - Need help planning your next vacation? We are here to help! Let us handle the bookings, from hotels and rental cars, to visas and flight confirmations. We take care of the dirty work, and you relax and enjoy a one of a kind vacation! We also create custom itineraries, with personal recommendations!

"Use Your Miles" Package - So, you've earned all these frequent flyer miles and credit card what do you do?! We can help with that! Let us show you how to book the trip of your dreams, using the points and miles you already have. We can even handle making the bookings for you, in order to make sure you are maximizing your miles!

"Make a Plan" Packages - Not too sure about all this points business? Not too sure where to begin? Let us help you! We can create a personalized plan with your dream trip in mind. Receive advice about feasible destinations, and credit cards that would be a great fit for you!

Check out some of the ways we've booked our travel here: 


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