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(posted by Emily)

I have a number of friends who blog, and am continually inspired by the things they post. Tara is a healthy eater staying fit, Alex shares tidbits of fun and inspiration, and who doesn't love some Young House Love (not my friends, per say, but still awesome)! After seeing Alex's post this morning, I started to do a little internet noodling and stumbled upon a fun idea for throw pillows, hacked from Anthropologie

After a little bit of research on how to install a zipper, I think I am going to tackle a few pillows tonight after school. There is something very therapeutic about heading out to Joann's, picking out fabric, and sitting down the sewing machine. One of my resolutions to myself this year has been to sew more--I recently made a purple maxi skirt and some fun bows for a baby girl to be :)

I apologize for the blurry iPhone selfie

I may update some of the pillows on our couch, but I definitely think it's time to add some more color to our bed. We've had one little gray pillow forever, but I'd like to add a couple more. Here's a proposed before and after for you: 

before--one small gray pillow
"after" (my not-very-high-tech 2D rendering)
I'm not sure exactly what kinds of fabric I will choose for the bed pillows, but I'm not opposed to patterns or textures. We'll have to see what happens!

I'll hopefully have some photos to post next week!


  1. Em. I gave up on zippers. I use a fold over in the back method. Just remember to cut the back fabric in half with each piece longer than you need to fold over about 2". Its a nice look, but pillow is one sided then. But so much easier. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! :)


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