Grilled Cheese!

(posted by Emily)

Lunch on Sunday was a quick and easy affair for us. I had some Daiya cheddar slices left over from our 5 Layer Dip and after picking up a loaf of our favorite gluten free bread, some grilled cheeses were in order! It had been a long time since I had made grilled cheese in a pan--anyone else remember the joys of the sandwich maker?!

I started with some sautéed onions in the pan:

While the onions cooked, I prepped the cheese and one half each sandwich:

I buttered (with Earth Balance) one side of each of the extra bread slices:

The onions were done at this point, and I had sliced a few tomatoes, too. I placed the buttered slices of bread in to the pan, topped with tomato and onion:

Then topped with the cheese and bread I had ready:

After buttering the top slices, it was time to flip:

In order to get everything better stuck together, I added a little weight with a smaller pan lid:

Delicious! Quick and easy :)  Next time, I think I'll add a little dijon mustard under the cheese. Yum!

What are your favorite twists on grilled cheese?



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