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South America 2016: On to Manuel Antonio

30 June and 1 July 2016 Monteverde to Quepos/Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica On our last morning in Monteverde, we took some time to enjoy the hammocks before hitting the road.  one of the many buggy friends in our room. this one was pretty! We stopped at the Monteverde cheese factory on the way out of town for a scoop of guanabana ice cream--it was like a sorbet, very tropical tasting. Sweet, sour, and fruity! Stopped for gas (full service!) and got to see some cows Beautiful scenery along the drive One of the sights to see along the way to Quepos is the crocodile bridge. The river is a natural habitat for the crocs, and we walked out to see them. We also took a detour to Jaco beach, where Rick had been at surf camp.  the red-roofed bungalows are where Rick stayed Jaco Beach It was rainy almost the whole what to Quepos, which was an adventure in and of itself. We drove for a few more hours before we made i

South America 2016: Monteverde

29 June 2016 Monetverde, Costa Rica Day two in Costa Rica! We woke up around 8am, and headed out for breakfast. Because Casa Batsu is an actual Airbnb, we had a delicious meal prepared by Carlos. The dining/common area is beautiful, and when Carlos spotted Rick about to take a photo, he was happy to help! fresh fruit to start each meal "if you hold it up high, it looks like a selfie!" potato taco and mixed veg omelette We decided to explore the cloud forest a bit more during the day, so we drove up to Reserva Santa Elena. This is the least popular of the reserves, and we did not see many other tourists along the way. We hiked two trails, encircling the reserve, which took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes. driving into the clouds bromeliads growing wild made a new friend on our way out of the reserve We stopped for a post-hike snack at Orchid Cafe (high