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Highlights from a Food-Filled Weekend

Happy Sunday, everyone! This weekend was a busy one for us, but we had plenty of time to eat some delicious food along the way! Here are some highlights to share with you: ~ Miso-glazed Eggplant from Chloe's Kitchen  and asparagus for dinner on Friday. If you want the recipe(s), let me know! Rick's Review: Over the summer, we fortunate enough to fall in love with the taste of eggplant, or "aubergine" as it was called in Europe.  As soon as we came home it was our mission to find ways to enjoy eggplant.  I absolutely love the taste of Miso, so combining these flavors was perfect.  This dish was amazing, especially with the slightly crispy texture of the eggplant.  We will be making this dish again very soon.   ~Rick's favorite salsa from El Tarasco and trying Trader Joe's Chocolate Coconut Milk ice cream.  ~ Quick and easy lunch from Trader Joe's on Saturday for me while Rick was at band camp. If you've never tried these vegeta

When Life gives you Peaches...

Make Peach Cobbler! Many of you know that I have recently started a new job with a KIPP school here in Los Angeles. Our campus is lucky enough to partner with Revolution Foods to provide the students with nutritious and filling breakfasts, lunches, and snacks every day. I've been totally impressed by the healthy, balanced meals our kids eat--sometimes their veggie sides/salads make me wish I had school lunch, too! Part of the perk of Revo Foods is that they often leave the leftover fruits/veggies/meals for families and staff to take home. Today, the surplus was peaches! I was excited to bring a bunch home, but a little disappointed that I probably wouldn't have time to make anything tonight, as it was our parent performance for band camp and I had to head out to Brea. However, due to an unfortunate accident on the 60 , I ended up turning around and heading home. A seventy-minute delay on the drive would have put me there after the potluck started! After a quick stop a

Berries and Brussels

A Two-fer on Day 2! (not to be confused with Toofer ) In honor of Day 2 on our blog and our first recipe post, you get a two for one deal--two recipes on one night! We've chosen two recent favorites to share from our kitchen to yours.  First up-- Summer Berry Pie (adapted from Chloe's Kitchen ) This recipe was a true test of trial and error for me. Over the winter, we began to notice that I was having negative reactions to gluten, so we eliminated it from our diet, just to see what would happen. Both Rick and I feel so much better and have noticed significant changes in our bodies since the change--clearer skin, clearer minds, you get the picture. So, a lot of my cooking adventures lately have been in adapting recipes to make them gluten free. I must say, this pie has turned out to be a delicious experiment! :) Crust: 2 cups Bob's Red Mill GF all-purpose flour 1/2 cup oat flour (you can make your own by putting rolled oats in the blender or food processor)

Welcome to our blog!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Emily: And this is Rick: And we are vegan .  We decided to create a blog in response to a comment we so often get when telling others how we eat--"Man, that must suck!" or "I could never live without cheese!" or "How do you get your protein?!" Well friends, we are here to talk about all of that and more. Mostly, we wanted to find an effective way to talk about food and show you that being vegan definitely doesn't suck . In fact, some of the most delicious food in the world is vegan! Our Plan : It is our hope to share our favorite restaurants, recipes, and routines with you. Rick and I will be sharing some of our favorite restaurant experiences here in the Los Angeles area, but also including our favorites from our travels across the US and Europe! We are lucky to have the travel bug, and it has given us so many different food adventures.  Hopefully, you'll enjoy coming along on