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Scenes from Our Weekend

Hello all! This past weekend, Rick and I headed to Chicago to celebrate our wedding with friends and family who weren't able to come out to California for our big day. I'm sure many of you heard about the shootings at LAX , and it was quite an adventure getting to the airport for our flight! Yes, you are seeing things correctly--we walked in to the airport, along PCH. Not a car in sight! Although things were a bit crazy as many people waited to rebook their flights, we had no trouble getting through security in time for our flight.  The only time we were a bit nervous was when we came across this abandoned bag while picking up some snacks for the flight..... Despite all of the craziness, we made it to Chicago safe and sound--and only about and hour and 20 minutes late. Saturday was the day of the party, but we still made time for a quick lunch at the Whole Foods in Chicago and visit to see Diane. On our way back, we decided a bit of an after