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South America 2016: Hola, Costa Rica!

28 June 2016 San Jose and Monteverde, Costa Rica Hola, amigos y familia! We are traveling again, which means more blogging :) I'm going to keep it simple this time, but want to make sure we have a record of this summer's adventures to South America. And, if I really have my act together (and it doesn't annoy Rick to have me constantly asking), I'll throw in some details about our travel logistics, too :) Rick has been in Costa Rica since June 22nd--he wasn't about to wait around for me at home while I was at Kappa conventin, so he came down for surf camp for a few days. Sounds like he had a blast! I flew to San Jose on Monday the 27th. The surf camp people brought Rick back up to San Jose, and he was waiting for me at a Hampton Inn by the airport. It was great to see him! Tuesday morning, we picked up our rental car, and it was off to Monteverde. I am so lucky to have a personal driver and DJ everywhere I go in the world!  It'