Restaurant Review: Sushi Gone Wild

The best part about our new neighborhood in the South Bay is the abundance of great Asian food restaurants. Granted, we can't eat at many of them but we have found a few that have become regular spots for us. Around October, we spent a weekend researching Asian places to eat and then went to a whole bunch in a short span of time. Ironically, our favorite sushi place wasn't on the list that weekend. We had driven by Sushi Gone Wild before when going to Sprouts, but had figured (in Rick's words) it was just a "gringo" sushi place because it had such a silly name. Luckily, we gave it a shot, and weren't disappointed! We like to go on Friday nights, but usually have to make a reservation because it gets so crowded.  

Our usual order includes a green salad, which comes with a mustard/horseradish dressing, which is outstanding. I usually order extra on the side, to dip my sushi in. The additional veggies vary, but avocado and cucumber usually make an appearance. This one also came with pickled carrots and sprouts, too. 

green salad
After salad and a complementary edamame appetizer, we move on to sushi. People always get confused when I say I eat sushi--but not all sushi contains fish! Most sushi restaurants offer cucumber or avocado rolls, but it can be tough to find really great, creative veggie sushi rolls. In fact, before Sushi Gone Wild, my favorite veggie roll was from Sushi 101 in Tempe, AZ near ASU--they make a tempura sweet potato roll that is awesome. 

We usually start with avocado rolls (just one of the perks of living in SoCal, where avocados never go out of season):

avocado roll
And then finish with the veggie tempura roll. It is the perfect balance of crunch, creaminess, and savory and sweet flavors.

veggie tempura roll
The wait staff and Mr. Kim (the owner) and so friendly and accommodating. It is clear that there are many regulars who come in, and they take care to know their customers. Mr. Kim's signature goodbye is to shout "See you tomorrow!" to everyone as they leave the restaurant. His email blasts are signed that way, too.  We love bringing family and friends to our little hole in the wall spot--it is truly an unexpected gem, and I would recommend it to everyone! If you come visit us, you can count on a dinner here :)

See you tomorrow!


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