Weekend DIY

(posted by Emily)

Ever since buying our house last December (2012), our weekends are usually filled with home improvement projects, gardening, and cleaning. Home Depot has officially become my favorite store (Rigby's, too!) and the employees have started to recognize us as regulars. This weekend was no exception and I was thrilled to finally put the finishing touches on an update that we've had for a few weeks. 

Since Thanksgiving, we've been painting and cleaning up a number of built-in cabinets and nooks that had an oak finish. We opted for white paint, and I am really happy with how everything looks now--very fresh and clean. Other than a few touch ups, everything is finally done!

This hallway space with our linen cabinet is officially my favorite part of the house right now. 

Here's how we got there: 

We started with a deglosser from Home Depot--not sure of the brand, but it was the only one they had! We scrubbed everything down using steel wool left over from the last time we refinished some furniture. 

ready to paint
We used Behr Premium Plus Ultra, our usual paint choice. We love the built in primer--any time saved is worth it in my book! It reminds me of those shampoos and conditioners rolled in to one. We didn't get the paint tinted, instead just using one of the base cans right off the shelf.

drawers and doors


finished (pre-drawer pulls)

frames and mirror from ikea, pics by Tim

knobs from anthropologie to match the boats
The last element was some drawer pulls from Home Depot that match the silver finish of the knobs. It took us so long to install them because we have been waiting for our HD to get the installation template back in stock.The screws that were included with the pulls were too short, so after three trips to HD (one for the installation template, one trip for new screws that were too long, and finally a trip for screws that worked), I got everything installed. The template was easy to follow and I love an excuse to use the drill. The screws went in to the knobs from the back side, and Rick's man muscle ensured everything was tightened effectively. 
holes drilled, thanks to the template

too short!


I am glad this project is finally done! Now to re-train myself to open those drawers using the pulls....



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