A Canning Collective

(posted by Emily) 

This weekend was a great one, filled with friends, fun, and food. After celebrating Tiffani and Adrian on Friday, we settled back into our regular routine with some Saturday lessons and rehearsals. Sunday brought about another fun event for us--a kraut-making and canning afternoon with Jennie! We first started making sauerkraut after a fermentation class at Jennie's kitchen over the summer and this was a fun opportunity to crowd source the work and make a whole bunch of delicious food. 

The day started with a tomato sauce on the stove that went in to cans with Christmas beans. 

snapping some photos of the pots
the start of the tomato sauce
We got to work quickly, with each person (or team in our case) working on a different type of sauerkraut or pickled cabbage. What's the difference, you ask? Sauerkraut is raw, and sits out at room temperature to ferment. Pickled cabbage is cooked down on the stove and then sits in the fridge to cold pickle. 

Rick and I decided to make a carrot and ginger sauerkraut with green cabbage, garlic, and mustard seed. 
Rick shredding cabbage
One of the best perks about hanging out in Jennie's kitchen for the afternoon? Leftovers :) She heated up a few munchies for us, to create a "vegan pu pu platter" that had breaded tempeh, spinach/quinoa cakes, and little potato/cornmeal balls. 

Delicious sauces included!

a vegan horseradish/mayo and bbq sauce
Our first batch of sauerkraut was definitely a team effort.

grating ginger
We were lucky to have some muscle on hand to work the cabbage for the sauerkraut. It has to be massaged for a while, until it begins to yield water/brine. 

Rick massaging the kraut
While we worked on our cabbage, Shelley and Jennie worked on pressure canning the beans. 

Shelley and the Christmas beans with tomato sauce
Jennie explaining the pressure canner
Finally, it was time to jar up the kraut!

ginger carrot sauerkraut
in jars
We experimented a bit with our second batch of sauerkraut--this kind includes apple, onion, green and purple cabbage, celery seed, and orange zest. 

apple onion kraut
All of the finished products were beautiful, but I particularly loved Rachel's bright pink pickled cabbage. 

In all, we ended up with a ton of delicious food to take home! Everyone shared a bit of their product, and it will be fun to try all of the different krauts and cabbages after they are done fermenting! Thanks to Jennie and all of her friends for a great afternoon! 

Can't wait for our next Sunday Fun day! 


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