I can Fondue that!

(posted by Emily)

It has been a cheesy week at our house! When we started thinking about new things to post on the blog, Rick suggested I do a post about the cheese fondue I make. I used to love all things fondue--cheese, main course, and chocolate. Vegan chocolate fondue is pretty straightforward, but cheese posed a bit of a challenge. Luckily, thanks to one of our new favorite cookbooks, it has become a simple staple at our house. 

It has been a number of years since I last had "regular" cheese fondue, but I think the flavor of this one is spot on. My parents tried my vegan when they visited in January, and all reviews were positive. I think they would be the best judges of all! 

The magic begins with the soft gruyere cheese from Miyoko Schinner's Artisan Vegan Cheese book. 

The cheese is a mix of cashews, miso, coconut oil, salt, nutritional yeast, xanthan gum, and rejuvalac. Rejuvalac is a fermented beverage that helps give the cheese its tang. We make our own at home, but you can purchase it in bottles at Whole Foods. The ingredients are pureed in a blender, and then I choose to let the soft cheese age for a few days in order to make it a bit more zippy. It sits on my counter, covered in plastic wrap--I made this batch on Sunday, and we had the fondue for dinner on Tuesday. Just enough time for the cheese to age. 

I think I could put this cheese on everything. It is amazing on hash browns, and there was about a week in January where I put it on everything....but I digress. 

Once it was time to make the fondue, I started prepping the veggies/sides we would be dipping. I thought we would try something new, and roasted a bunch of potatoes to try in the fondue. 

While the potatoes got going, it was time to prep the fondue. I have a handy electric fondue pot (thanks, Mom!) which allows for more consistent and controllable heat. I flipped over to the fondue recipe in my book and got started.

First I added the cheese and some white wine to the pot. I whisked the two together before adding my thickening agent, a mix of tapioca flour and water. 



After combining, I left the cheese covered to warm and finished prepping our dippers--we had celery, carrots, broccoli (from our garden!), the roasted potatoes, green apple, pear, and some more of our favorite bread

Once our glasses of wine were poured, it was time to dig in! 

(yes, I do have super cute owl plates from west elm)
Delicious :) 


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