The vBLT

Our take on a classic

I've never really understood the fascination with bacon. Yes, I ate it and it was good, but I was never one of those people who would wear a shirt like this. However, I always had a deep appreciation for the BLT. 

When I first started experimenting with veggie bacon last year, I convinced Rick to give my sandwich making abilities a try after explaining that I make a mean BLT--granted, in his perspective, I say that I make a mean everything :) Sure, I may have an inflated idea of how fantastic my signature dishes are. But, this BLT is one for the ages. 

vBLT Sandwiches - A Photo Essay and Recipe 
(can I even really call it a recipe? a process, maybe?) The v is for veg, by the way. 

What you will need: 

Buns and/or bread

Cut your buns in half and place in the toaster to toast to desired crunchiness. 

In a pan, drizzle olive oil and fry bacon to desired crispiness. 

Slice tomatoes. 

Generously spread Vegenaise on the toasted bun--both sides! 

Stack on the bacon

and the tomato--with a sprinkle of salt. 

Top with lettuce and top bun! 

Fairly certain I could eat one of these every day this week! Delicious, and super easy! The Vegenaise on both pieces of bread and salted tomatoes make all the difference. 

Rick's Review: I for one used to be in love with bacon.  As a child, well, let's just say I ate my fair share and then some growing up.  Stealing from others people's plates was not unheard of.  I loved every bite of this sandwich.  This brand of gluten free bread was fantastic and didn't fall apart (which can often happen with other brands).  I know the texture is a little different, but I am convinced this brand of "bacon" is better than I remember bacon growing up.       

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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