FriDIY: A Reading Rainbow

(posted by Emily)

It has been a few weeks in the making, but our painting project is finally complete! The living room and dining room are now sporting "Gentle Rain" by Behr. We like to use the premium plus ultra mixture, which we have found covers well and does not need a primer coat. 

When putting the room back together, I decide to try something new with our bookcases. I was inspired by the video below:

I love the rainbows of books! Though I can't imagine how much work it was to make that film--crazy! For an easy bookcase update, think about organizing books by the color of their spine, instead of by author or subject. It was easy enough to sort through the books and the challenge came in finding the right spots for everything in the spaces we had available. 

books sorted into color stacks
Here is a fun little gif of the process! Disclaimer: The only books that were not sorted were our cookbooks/food books, and the set of Harry Potter books that are out in our front room right now. I also wanted to keep our decor items in the same places they had been before. 

the finished product
everything put back together
In all, it probably took a total of an hour to sort the books and then get them back on the shelves. I split the steps over a few days, sorting the books when we dismantled that wall to paint it and then putting them back over the course of the evening on Monday. The time spent is just a guesstimate because, in efforts of full disclosure, I was also watching episodes of Oz (aka the Law and Order cast's cable job) at the same time. 

For a simple update and a simple concept, it really makes an impact in the room--we love it!

Have a great weekend!


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