A new favorite

(posted by Emily)

We are always looking for new dinner ideas and ever since canning day, we've tried to find ways to eat all of our delicious food! Jennie reignited our love for almond feta that day, and one of our new favorite dinners is almond feta served with nectarine jam and nectarine chutney, spread on toast. 

I've made batches of the cheeze in two different ways--processing the almonds into a flour first and just mixing the slivers with the other ingredients. I definitely recommend getting them ground up first, as it leads to a smoother cheeze. This feta is seriously one of the easiest nut cheeses to make--you need to try it! 

feta wrapped up and ready to sit in the fridge for 12 hours 
ready to bake

baked for 35 minutes, broiled under close supervision for about 5 minutes to get the top browned
We have had a variety of bread maker adventures since purchasing our machine this spring. I hesitated to post a recipe until we had the kinks worked out and here's what I've discovered......Bob's Red Mill makes a GF bread mix that can be used in your bread maker :) So, all experimenting has ceased for now, and we're sticking with what works! The bread is hearty and delicious, and with the bread maker, couldn't be easier to make. A special thanks to Sue (Rick's mom) for sending packs of the mix to us from Wegmans--that's the only store we've ever seen it at! 

the paddle of the bread maker was still stuck in this loaf when I sliced it
ready to serve! almond feta, toast, and assorted nectarine goodness
mash up the feta to make it easier to spread

A simple dinner, but so tasty. I think this would be a great party appetizer, too! Let us know if you try it! 


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