EuroAdventure Day 29: Foraging

(posted by Emily) 

Thursday 24 July

Thursday was a very low-key day for us. We spent most of our time drying laundry, packing, watching tv, paying bills, and noodling on the computer. Rick and I had both really hoped to be able to take the boat out one more time, but it was too windy and the water was too choppy. I was pretty bummed that we didn't get another opportunity, but it's not like we won't be back! At some point, I was going a little stir crazy, so we grabbed a bag went foraging for blackberries. 

We even had a little friend to keep us company :) 

Dobby's mom, Hailey, saw us heading off on a walk and offered that we could take little man along. It was fun to have some puppy time, and Dobby loves blackberries. We worked on sit with him with the fruit as a reward :)

For some reason, dogs in the UK walk on the right. Wrong side of the road for them, too? :)

The blackberries were growing wild everywhere--in huge bushes, reaching way up high. We walked down to the first lock that we usually pass through and came back, our bag bulging with fruit.

When we got back to the boat, we got everything all washed up and made a pitcher of summer Pimms with cloudy lemonade and fresh berries. This was our first pitcher of the blackberry elderflower variety, though we had been drinking it in smaller portions during the trip. 

We had a large amount of fruit leftover, so I decided to make a quick jam with ingredients we had on hand. It doesn't take much to make blackberry jam--just sugar and a bit of lemon juice. I can't tell you the exact amounts of each, since this was mostly a cook and sweeten to taste experiment. It was fun to do a little experimental cooking, something I had really missed during the course of our vacation! We managed to pack up the jam, and get it ready to come home in our big suitcase (shhhhhh don't tell customs!). Can't wait to have it at home!

We ended the evening out front again, enjoying the twilight and calm of the marina. I am definitely going to miss how peaceful it feels here in the summertime. 

All that is left is our final travel day home! 


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