Throwback Thursday: EuroAdventure '14

(posted by Emily)

For today's post, we are throwing it back to EuroAdventure '14! The pictures we typically post on the blog are iPhone shots, and most of of our camera photos go unshared, except on Facebook. Today, we wanted to share some of those lesser seen photos with you. Enjoy!

Paris - Le Tour Eiffel
heirloom tomatoes at the market in Nice
the oculus inside the Pantheon, Rome
the Roman Forum
Il Colosseo 
moss on a wall at the Citadel in Nice
the dome of St. Peter's Basilica
Camden Lock

Regent's Canal 
Berries at the Rialto Market, Venice 
The Grand Place, Brussels
Notre Dame, Paris
The Tuileries, Paris
Looking back, the whole month feels so vibrant and colorful. I love that these pictures reflect those same attributes!


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