EuroChristmas: A Day in Helsinki

29 December 2015
Helsinki, Finland

When we got back to Finland, our first stop was back to the Hilton to check in and get our things settled before exploring the city a bit more. Rick and I ended up with the exact same room we had stayed in a few days before :) 

We wandered toward the Design District, stopping in a few shops and malls along the way. We saw a vegan grocery, visited Marimekko, and had a snack in a mall food court. 

vegan grocery 
tomato soup with goat cheese
In the Design District, we visited a number of decor shops, with items for home, clothing, and books. I am now, more than ever, obsessed with all things copper, and want to redo our entire house. 

clearly, a universal sentiment! 
map of Finland in the Design Museum 
scissors as art in the Design Museum 
home store with amazing stuff
love this bookcase
Finnish design seems to be very into simple, white things. In addition to this nutcracker, we saw plain white Russian stacking dolls, too! Nutcrackers are big on the Barclay side of the family

Rick and I ventured off in the afternoon to explore some restaurants we had been researching. It was fun to see more areas of the city along the way.

Rick had read about a "coffee shack" on a lake in Helsinki, and we wandered our way there. Cafe Regatta is a beautiful little spot, and we loved their "hot juice" and cinnamon buns. Sitting by the fireplace watching the sun set is one of the most special memories I have from this (or any!) trip. 

We stopped for an early dinner at Farang--Thai food that was delicious! Definitely fun and filling. 

cocktails--a Thai-style mulled wine with green tea and whiskey for Rick and a Thai-style Moscow Mule for me
green mango/papaya salad 
eggplant with peanut sauce 
curry with sweet potato

We headed back to the hotel and met up with Mom and Dad to wander a bit more. Dad wanted to take some night photos, and explore a bit more. 

Dad (with photo assistant Mom) getting set up for night photos of Stockmann department store

Dinner was at an Italian joint, but was dessert for Rick and I! :) I had a molten chocolate cake with ice cream and berries, while Rick had cheesecake. 

Once we were back to the hotel, it was time to pack and go to bed! We had an early morning the next day, in order to head to our next stop...Amsterdam!


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