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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Emily:

And this is Rick:

And we are vegan

We decided to create a blog in response to a comment we so often get when telling others how we eat--"Man, that must suck!" or "I could never live without cheese!" or "How do you get your protein?!" Well friends, we are here to talk about all of that and more. Mostly, we wanted to find an effective way to talk about food and show you that being vegan definitely doesn't suck. In fact, some of the most delicious food in the world is vegan!

Our Plan: It is our hope to share our favorite restaurants, recipes, and routines with you. Rick and I will be sharing some of our favorite restaurant experiences here in the Los Angeles area, but also including our favorites from our travels across the US and Europe! We are lucky to have the travel bug, and it has given us so many different food adventures. 

Hopefully, you'll enjoy coming along on this adventure with us! We're glad you're here :)



  1. Yes! I could not be more excited to follow along!!! :)

  2. The next time you come to Denver (besides visiting Keenan : ), visit the Watercourse restaurant, or it's 'sister' restaurant, City 'O City! Such yummy food!

    1. Penny! Watercourse is absolutely one of our favorite stops in Denver. The weekend of the home show at Mile High, we ate there three days in a row :) The raw cheese plate is fantastic!

  3. Sorry, forgot to include the link:



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