Oh Kale Yeah!

Did you know today is a holiday?!

I mean, it's not a holiday that immediately springs to mind, but any day we can celebrate a leafy green vegetable is a great day to me! 

We've been on a number of kale adventures lately, while experimenting with new kale chip recipes. We had registered for a dehydrator as a wedding gift, and ended up buying it for ourselves the day after the wedding. It is going to become even more crucial as we decide on which flavors to offer as a part of our new side business, REfoods. Rick and I always find so much gratification in making and sharing healthy food with others that we've decided to make it official! There are so many products we use/eat--kale chips, almond milk, veggie stock--that are unnecessarily expensive when purchased at the store. We hope to provide our friends and family with more affordable, high-quality options. 

The idea for the business began when a friend of mine from work wanted to go on a juice cleanse, but really had no idea what she was doing. After helping her shop for groceries, I made her fresh juices for 5 days straight. I also made some almond milk and kale chips (pre-dehydrator) that she loved, and Rick really felt motivated to get the business off the ground. For now, we're starting small--in fact, I received our first kale chips order this morning! What a fitting way to celebrate National Kale Day!

So far, we've made cheesy, garlic ranch, and chili lime kale chips--I even took some samples in to work for taste tests! If you want to place an order and help us decide which recipes to use, leave a note in the comments section below! 

National Kale Day was also celebrated with a new batch of kale chips: 



where the magic happens :) 

and with a visit from the kale monster: 

Hopefully you had a great day, with or without kale :) Thanks for all of your continued support as we begin our next food adventure!



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