Salad and Salt

Tonight's post comes from Rick! Enjoy!

I wanted to make something so everyone could understand why I answer "salad" as my favorite thing to eat.  I usually get the puzzled look or the laugh out loud moment whenever I mention that a green salad is my favorite thing to eat in the world.  And I understand, people can be terrified of a salad consisting of iceberg lettuce and dried out old veggies.  That actually sounds really boring and not very filling.  

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This one little tip turned any salad I make into a gourmet experience.  I start every salad out by mixing kale with avocado/olive oil/and himalayan pink salt.  I then get my hands dirty and massage all three ingredients into the kale and break it down, braising the kale.  This make the kale so much more edible and flavorful.  

Now comes the fun part, add any veggies/spices/fruit/seasonings to you want.  Today was banana pepper, tomato, cucumber, sauerkraut, sprouts, dulse flakes, lemon, and picked jalapeno.  I have been known to use a variety of whatever is in the fridge; kimchee, worcestershire sauce, pickles, onions, celery. Truly you can add anything to this base, it will taste amazing.  

You can eat just greens with the avocado/olive oil/salt mix and be completely blown away.  Try any variety and your pathetic salad experience will completely shift into a more gourmet experience.

You can learn more about Himalayan Pink Salt here--ever since we started incorporating it in to our recipes, we've found it enhances flavor and doesn't make things taste too "salty." 

You can buy pink salt here--it's eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime, and the cost per pound is way cheaper than you will find at the grocery store! Save yourself a few dollars and take your recipe to the next level!



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