Salad in a jar

(posted by Emily)

For us, every weekend begins with meal planning. We hit up the local farmers market on Saturday morning, and decide what to have for lunch the following week based on what looks good. One of the easiest lunches to make ahead of time is salad in a jar. They remind me of those old shaker salads McDonalds used to have but better, because they are homemade! You can even make multiple salads at one time, because they will keep for up to a week in the fridge.

There are infinite pins on Pinterest detailing how to build a jar salad, but here are my tips with some photo illustration. 

1) Start with a wide mouth mason jar. 

2) Add dressing/liquids first. I like olive oil, balsamic, hummus, and a little whole grain mustard in mine, and Rick usually has the same minus the vinegar. 

3) Add veggies that won't get mushy in the liquids. Tomatoes marinate well, or celery can create a barrier for the other veggies. 

4) Add other toppings, leaving about 3 inches of room near the top of the jar. I like to include celery, radishes, red onion, and mushrooms. 

5) Add lettuce/kale and sprouts to the top of the jar. You want these to be as far away from the liquids as possible, so they don't get soggy. You should be able to stuff a good amount of lettuce in, since it compresses easily. Cap and store in the fridge until it's time to eat!

The best part about our salads these days is the ability to incorporate produce we've grown ourselves! We have fields of kale forever right now (not quite as catchy as strawberry fields forever) and it is delicious. 

just a little perspective--the leaves are huge!
You may have noticed some colorful purple and yellow shreds in the jar photos above....wondering what they are? Pansies! The flowers of a pansy are edible. I am always looking for ways to convince Rick to have more flowers in our garden, and this was a no brainer--if we can eat them, all the more reason to have them! And it may help bring the bees around, too :) Our pansies came from the farmers market's seedling vendor and are thriving. The petals don't have much flavor, but they do make a salad much prettier! 

Have you made a salad in a jar before? What are your favorite things to include?

Have a great day! 


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