New year, new name, new look

posted by Emily

I've never been much of a New Years Resolutions person. For the most part, if I made a resolution, it would last about 3 weeks and then be forgotten. In my adult life, I've come to the realization that if I want to improve my well-being or make a change, it doesn't matter the time of year--I should just do it.

Which leads us to this blog--I will be the first to admit that writing and posting has come in waves. But, by adapting our vision of what we want our site to be about, we will be able to document things that inspire us. 

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I am looking forward to writing about things we are planning, enjoying, and doing right now. Of course food is a large part of our lives, but I think branching out will keep the blog fresh and interesting. Our scope and view is widening. Posts might be shorter, but hopefully all will be worthwhile. 

So, in the spirit of new--I want to start creating Top Ten lists to share with you every now and then. Here's my first one!

Top Ten: Things I am excited about sharing on the blog

1) Travel plans! We have some awesome adventures coming up in 2014
2) Food pics 
3) Tips for eating vegan abroad
4) DIY projects 
5) Meals we are cooking at home
6) Tips and tricks that friends have shared with us
7) Restaurant reviews
8) More Top Ten lists
9) Ideas and recommendations for your adventures
10) New topics we've never posted about before

Welcome to our life, a veg life. 



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