We love Jennie

(posted by Emily)

If you were at our wedding in September, you had a chance to sample some of the amazing food created by Jennie Cook and her Plant-Based Parties catering team. I feel so lucky to have met the inspiration that is Jennie, and am even more blessed to consider her my friend. Jennie loves food, and is passionate about every client she interacts with.

We've taken a cooking class with her, hung out with her at our wedding, made pies with her, and are looking forward to a kraut party (yes, making sauerkraut) in February. I was flattered and totally surprised when she named me her Favorite Bride of the Year :)

The most exciting thing about Jennie these days is her brand new cookbook, Who Wants Seconds?. Chapter Six is our favorite chapter, but the book contains recipes for all types of eaters, from "vegans to omnivores, and everyone in between." Rick loves Jennie's White Beans and Greens soup, so that is one of my most-used recipes from the book. I also tried out the sweet potato lasagna over the holidays, when we had a crowd for lunch. The book is easy to follow, and is filled with Jennie's beautiful artwork. It was truly a labor of love, evident in every page. I absolutely recommend getting a copy as soon as you can!

tempeh sliders and salad cups before the ceremony

no shame

bruschetta appetizers

waldorf salad cups

tempeh sliders

arugula salad

spinach salad

baked polenta

white beans and greens soup--Rick's favorite

roasted veggies

tempeh schnitzel--or as our friends call it, "unicorn meat"


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