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(posted by Emily)

On Sunday, I met up with a few friends from work to go to a dance recital. Our friend and kinder teacher TonyAn and her daughter Jaya were performing, and we came out to support them. It made me very nostalgic to be at a recital during the first weekend in May, because that weekend was always ice show weekend growing up. So many great memories :)

After the show, Edana (a kinder teacher and my fellow choir club director) and I decided to head over to Veggie Grill. Edana had never been before, and because she is a vegetarian/borderline vegan, I told her we had to check it out. We had fun during the recital checking out the menu and deciding what to order--probably because we were insanely hungry, having not had lunch that day.

I love all of the food VG has to offer--everything from veg buffalo wings to fresh salads to hearty bowls, they have something for everyone. I think the highlight of the menu is the variety of sandwiches offered, and Rick has a coworker who actually didn't realize the food at Veggie Grill was vegan for over a year--she just thought she was eating meat!

Edana and I ordered a plate of buffalo wings to start, along with an order of sweet potato fries.

I had the BBQ Steak sandwich with onion rings and Edana tried the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin.

As usual, the meal did not disappoint. Veggie Grill is perfect for vegans who miss meat, and are looking for a plant-based replacement. As an avid buffalo wing lover in my meat eating days, their wings hit the spot. My dad is not one to miss meat, or look for a replacement, so the portobello burger is one of his favorite options. VG is a great place to bring non-veg friends, because the sandwiches, sides, soups, and salads are convincing and delicious. There are multiple SoCal locations, and they have recently launched an app for loyal customers to earn points and redeem rewards. Veggie Grill is revolutionizing the fast food movement, into an environment where fast doesn't mean unhealthy or poor quality--that's why we support them!

Thanks to the VG team, especially our friends at the El Segundo and Torrance locations!

Have you been to VG? What have you tried?


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