Graduation Weekend: Atlanta Botanical Garden

(posted by Emily)

How was your Memorial Day weekend? We spent ours in Atlanta, celebrating my cousin Lindsey's high school graduation. We didn't make it in time for the actual ceremony, but are incredibly proud of her and can't wait to watch her adventures at Auburn begin in the fall.

It is always great to see our family in Atlanta, and this was a fun trip for us--we stayed a bit longer than normal and had a chance to explore some new sights around town. Lindsey's graduation party wasn't until Sunday, so we spent Saturday afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. As avid garden and flower lovers, it was a natural (no pun intended) choice for us to go check things out.

sculptural interpretations of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Four Seasons - spring

orchids in the conservatory
wall of orchids

The visit was spurred by my dad's interest in the Imaginary Worlds displays--large plant sculptures of creatures both real and imaginary. He also was intrigued to see the canopy walk, which has a bit of a morbid reputation. Hopefully, he'll send along some of the photos he took while we were there, so I can share them with you!

Different than topiaries, these sculptures are made from metal frames, covered with mesh, and then plugged with various plants. There was even a container near each one identifying which plants were used to create it. Below is one of the snakes, and a close up of the body. 

We had a great time walking around, getting ideas for our own garden, enjoying the plants and the weather. The garden is family friendly, but has plenty to occupy adults for the afternoon, too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for something a little different to do outside!

More from our Atlanta trip to come!


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