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(posted by Emily)

It was another busy, fun-filled weekend at our house! We wanted to be sure to take some time for ourselves, and a return trip to Crossroads has been on our to-do list for a while. Since we got a tax refund this year, we wanted to treat ourselves to a great meal. Coincidentally, date night on Saturday meant we could celebrate 8 months of marriage, too!

As always, any great meal we eat starts with some strategizing. We looked over the menu, and decided on the things we thought sounded unique and interesting. 

We started with the Cream of Fava Bean and English Pea soup. It has some almond milk Greek yogurt mixed and the flavors were very bold and fresh. I noticed the pea right away, while Rick latched on to the yogurt flavor. Though it looks thick, the soup was thin but very rich. An impressive start to the meal!

Next up was the classic favorite--Artichoke Oysters. The oysters sit on an artichoke leaf, with an artichoke puree and crispy oyster mushroom, topped with yellow tomato béarnaise and kelp caviar. These are so fun to eat, with all of the elements coming together in one perfect bite. Totally different than a traditional oyster on the half shell, but amazing. 

I think Rick's favorite dish of the night was the Hearts of Palm Calamari. It was served with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce, both of which tasted exactly like we remembered. Neither of us have had actual calamari, but this was outstanding. In reality, I think it was the tartar sauce that was really Rick's favorite thing :)

 We had the crab cakes again, which were as delicious as we remembered. The only thing I wished for was a little extra horseradish! They were crispy on the outside, and a mix of creamy and crunchy on the inside. 

Next up was the Risotto Stuffed Banana Pepper--the menu said peppers plural, but we only had one on our plate. The creamy risotto was perfectly paired with the tangy sweetness of the pepper. There was a basil-lime sauce on top, and the whole combination left us wishing for more. Savory and creamy, wrapped up in a bite of sour. Amazing. 

My favorite dish of the night was the flatbread with caramelized leek puree, roasted spring vegetables, and crispy shallots. We both felt the flavor was reminiscent of a green bean casserole at Thanksgiving. The puree was rich and flavorful, and the crispy shallots added a nice crunch. 

We also tried one of the daily specials--I'm not 100% sure how to describe it, since we didn't hear all of the elements the waiter was describing. It was a warm salad, with pieces of fern (the curls in the picture), some pickled onion, arugula, and a black truffle vinaigrette. The mention of arugula and truffle was enough to catch our eye (ear? stomachs?) and we gave it a try. It was fun to try fern for the first time, though it looked like alien food on the plate. Very deep flavors, and the pickled onions were a great and surprising touch. 

Last up was the Mediterranean pot pie, with winter root veggies, mushrooms, capers, and oregano. This was truly Rick's overall favorite dish (since tartar sauce is really only a condiment) and tasted exactly like chicken pot pie we both had growing up, but with a fresher, nuttier quality. It was fun to taste such a familiar dish reinvented. 

We weren't planning on dessert, but Rick noticed the ginger beer float right away and we couldn't resist. It is made with ginger beer and raspberry sorbet, and comes with a shortbread cookie on the side. Great spring flavors and a sweet but light finish to the meal. 

All in all, another fantastic meal at Crossroads! We love thinking back on everything we ate, deciding on favorite dishes, and trying to find new ways to articulate the flavors and textures. Hope you had a great weekend!


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