BarclAysia Day 6: Christmas Eve

(posted by Emily)

24 December 2014
Bangkok, Thailand 
Step Count: unknown (didn't have Rick's phone)

We decided to sleep in late on Christmas Eve, not really setting any alarms and just  waking up when we were ready. After the previous failed massage attempt at Health Land, we were determined to try again. We stopped for some orange juice on the way, and arrived at Health Land around 11:30. 

We opted for two hour Thai massages, which came out to $15 per person. Insanely cheap, and so worth it. Rick and I were in a treatment room together, but each had our own masseuse. 

We both felt great afterwards, with lots of mobility and flexibility. Rick commented that he thinks Thai massage should be a requirement for any WGI color guard :) 

We walked up to the Nana area which is home to the Indian section of town and got some lunch. 

Gobi Chilli--fried cauliflower in a lightly spicy sauce. Amazing. 
Our first dosa, a lentil and brown rice pancake with potato filling
vegetable biriyani
garlic naan
After lunch, we headed back toward the Grand Palace area, to check out two additional temples--Wat Po and Wat Arun

Spotted on the sky train platform....
We took the boat up the river again. Much less crowded in the early afternoon than in the morning! 

Wat Po is home to probably the most famous reclining Buddha statue. He is housed inside a building, which makes him tough to see in his entirety. 

When walking around the back of the Buddha, there is a line of these metal buckets. People were walking down the length of the Buddha and dropping one coin in each bucket. We decided it must be auspicious to do so, though we opted not to :) 

We enjoyed walking around the rest of the temple complex, which included stupas representing the Kings of Thailand, a school, more temples, lots of greenery, and plenty of stray cats! 

To get across the river, there is a boat which crosses every 5 minutes or so, and costs only 10 cents. The trip was easy enough, though our feet got a good sloshing as the boat was turning around. 

Wat Arun across the river
We arrived at Wat Arun and bought our tickets to go up the monument. The climb is steep, with steps going almost straight up in the air. We climbed to the highest level, and took in the views all around. 

Christmas in Bangkok

Looking down at the stairs

The tile details on the monument look like they are made from old dishes
Going down
more tile details
With all of the Christmas lights

We decided to wait until dusk to see the Wat lit up, so we sat for a while reading and relaxing. 

Still can't get over how limber he feels after his massage
When we reounded the corner, we both gasped at how beautiful the temple looks at night. 

We got plenty of pictures, and headed back to the boat line to go up to Khao San for dinner. 

Waiting on the dock, with a view of the temple
Christmas lights display
It was back to Ethos for dinner, where we enjoyed chocolate coconut shakes. Rick had a salad and I had some noodles--he wins this round of eating :) 

Hugging his salad bowl
A little kitty friend who had the right idea! Snuggled up on one of the floor cushions
We headed back over to our street, one over from Khao San, to enjoy some music and beer. It was also a goal to get some pad Thai from a street vendor, so we did that too! Only 75 cents! 

When we got home, we noticed our evening sweet from the hotel was some special holiday cheer :) 

Massage Count: 4

Merry Christmas from us to you!


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