Countdown to SE Asia!

(posted by Emily)


Guys. It's the last week of school before Winter Break. I sort of can't wait! In reality, Rick and I are just counting the days until our trip to Southeast Asia and our next big adventure.

I've heard before that people are happiest when planning a trip, and for us, that is absolutely true. The anticipation of something new and exciting, exploring a new place, and seeing different cultures is always stimulating. In a weird way, the trips we take are like markers or beacons in the year, and we are always pushing toward the next one, biding our time until it's time to head off on the next big adventure. Needless to say, we are ready to embrace our wanderlust!


Rick and I spent time over the weekend prepping our paperwork for the trip. We try to be fairly organized when it comes to the information we bring along, since we won't have access to our phones unless we are on wifi. Here's a list of what we always include (or leave behind):

     - Photocopies of our passports - 2 (one to leave at home and one to 
       have with us)
     - Photocopy of the credit cards we are bringing along, to leave at 
     - Hard copies of our itinerary - 2 (one to leave at home and one to 
       have with us)
       Our itinerary includes:

  • Flight information (times, flight numbers, confirmation numbers, and airport codes)
  • Hotel information (addresses, dates, and confirmation numbers)
  • Where we will be on which days
  • Confirmation information for any booked events (excursions, tours, classes, etc)

     - Our food doc for the trip (like the one we make before every trip)
     - A sightseeing doc (list of things in each city we'd like to do)
     - Logistics doc (Rick created this for our SE Asia trip--it includes how we are getting to and 
       from airports and our destinations)
     - House sitting info (left behind for Meshaell, who is staying with Rigby and Shadow)  


We've packed our backpacks, and made cards that detail our dietary needs in multiple languages. All that's left is to clean up the house, make sure everything is in order, and hit the road! It helps to feel prepared, like we've done all the research we need to make sure we feel comfortable and ready to go. I can't recommend that highly enough!

We'll be posting about our adventures as the internet allows--my plan is to post once a day, similar to our Europe trip. We hope you enjoy following along!

Are you headed anywhere special for the holidays?



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