BarclAysia Day 16: Conrad Koh Samui

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3 January 2015
Leaving Krabi, off to Koh Samui, Thailand

We were up early on Saturday morning to catch our transfer to Koh Samui. I decided to take a few more photos of the Vogue Resort while we waited for the van. 

Koh Samui is an island off the south eastern coast of Thailand. There are a number of islands in that area, but Samui is one of the largest. 

You can see Krabi on this map too, further south. 
In order to get to the island, we had to plan for a bus and ferry service. There is an airport on the island, but it's cheaper to take the high speed catamaran. The first leg of the trip was via double decker coach bus, similar to the mega bus. 

After about 2 hours of driving, we arrived at the pier where we boarded the ferry. It is a high speed catamaran boat, and takes about 45 minutes to get to Koh Samui. There were TVs on the boat that provided a safety briefing, then short documentary/promo segments about the islands in the area and the events taking place there. For some reason, funny YouTube clips were interspersed as well, including this gem

inside the ferry
looking out over the water
The ride was fairly bumpy, and both of us felt a little seasick by the time it was over. I don't usually have a problem with boats, but the jolts were large because of how fast we were going and we hadn't eaten breakfast. We'll plan differently for that next time! 

When the boat ride was over, the ferry company had a mini bus waiting to take us to our hotel. We wondered if any of the other people in the van would be staying at our hotel, but when we arrived we were the only people to get out. 

When you apply for a Hilton credit card, you can earn a certificate for a free two-night stay at any of their properties, at any level. Many of the bloggers we follow have shared their trips to the Conrad Koh Samui, so we knew we wanted to use our nights there. If we have free nights to use, our MO is to use them at the best possible property we can, to get the most "bang for our buck." We were definitely not disappointed! 

The hotel is perched on a cliff face on the south western part of Koh Samui, on a peninsula that sticks out a bit from the rest of the island. It is very remote, with stunning panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding islands. The hotel's reception is at the top of the hill, and sets the stage for everything to come. 

looking down at the hotel bungalows

Every room on the property is actually its own separate structure--"little" bungalow houses set in rows along the cliff face. In order to get from the top of the property to your room (or from your room to dinner or to the pool or anywhere), the hotel provides golf carts driven by staff members to get you from point A to point B. 

on our first golf cart ride--how very Leadership Academy of them! 
Once we got into our room, we were personally checked in by a hotel staff member and show around the room. It was gorgeous, huge, and unlike any hotel we have ever stayed in. 

our private infinity pool

enjoying the view
After enjoying the room and the pool for a bit, we decided to get out and explore the hotel property. We went down to the pool and beach area, played a few deck games like darts, and then went up to one of the cocktail lounges for a drink while the sun set. 

There are four different restaurants on the hotel property--two fancier than the others, and the option by the pool didn't seem to have great options for us, so we settled on Zest, one of the lower price point restaurants. The view is great, with tables overlooking the water. We ordered soups and spring rolls, and curry. Thank you again to my chivalrous husband who ate the spicier curry that I actually ordered, allowing me to eat his dinner instead :)  

During dinner, there was a Saturday night fireworks show put on by the hotel. It was fun to see the explosions so close, and right over the water. 

After dinner, we enjoyed a cigar out by the pool and watched Chef, which was premiering on the HBO channel that night. A truly relaxing and indulgent day! While we felt totally out of our element (and way underdressed), it was fun to experience how the other half travels!

Massage Count: 9 



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