Weekend in Cancun: The Ring

(posted by Emily)

For those who follow me on Facebook, you've heard this story before. Indulge me for a second as I recap for the very small portion of our readership who may not have heard the tale from beginning to end :) 

Rick and I have worn our wedding rings all around the world and on many different adventures--driving the boat and opening lock gates, snorkeling in Thailand and Mexico, swimming in Nice. For the most part, we haven't thought anything of it. Looking back, the only time we were cautious and left them behind was while snorkeling in Maui

On Saturday, our first full day in Cancun, we decided to go on a snorkeling trip to see different, unique parts of the area. We stopped in three different spots--an open cenote, an cave cenote, and an open water inlet where the sea and freshwater me. 

As we were swimming around a sandbar, Rick popped up out of the water and exclaimed, "Emily!" while holding up his left hand--no wedding ring to be found. Our guide, Edmundo, was near us at the time, and laughed as we made jokes about the freedom we could now have, since we weren't married anymore :) 

Generally, we took it all in stride--Rick's band was not expensive (think less than $50), and considering how many places we've been without incident, it's amazing to think we haven't lost anything sooner! At least it wasn't my wedding band!!

Fast forward to Tuesday morning--the phone rings in our hotel room around 8am. Rick picks up, and I can he is genuinely surprised or impressed by whatever is being said on the other line. I assumed we had misplaced something and the hotel was calling to return it to us. Nope. It was Adventuras Mayas calling--Edmundo had been diving in the cave cenote and had found Rick's wedding ring. Unbelievable. They would be able to drop it off at the hotel that evening, around 5pm. 

And there was the catch--we were leaving at noon that day. Rick told them not to worry about it, but I knew this was something we could work with. After some furious FaceTime audio calls, we had a Fedex number to leave with Carlos, an amazing concierge at the Zilara. He took down our email addresses and promised to get in touch as soon as he had some news. 

Wednesday morning - Carlos emailed us--no ring was returned. He promised to be persistent, and I started reaching out to Adventuras Mayas on social media (ever my go-to to get things done). Hopes were not high. 

Thursday morning - Carlos emailed again. No ring. I tried calling Adventuras Mayas with little success. Hopes still very low. 

Thursday evening - Carlos emailed us from his home email (clearly going above an beyond)--ring returned to the hotel and sent off to us via Fedex (!!!!!). Hopes at medium--would it even be Rick's ring? This has to be a fairly common occurrence, right?

Friday morning - I follow the Fedex tracking info from work as the ring makes its way to our house. Rick was home because he was still on Spring Break. At 10am, I can see the package was signed for.....so I send Rick a text asking--was it his ring?

It was his, and trust me, the enormity of the odds in this situation were overwhelming, especially since we had to rely on others to get it back to us! A pretty happy ending to story, if you ask me!



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