HWGH: Athens

We are hoping to do a series of posts for our destinations, sharing a bit more in depth about how we used points and miles to get here. Since Rick is the expert in all things points related, he'll be the one explaining how all of this works! Enjoy!

Getting to Athens is pretty simple from Crete--I booked a flight on Priceline again for $41.00 a person on Aegean Airlines ($82.00 total).

We used topcashback to earn $5.00 per ticket, reducing the costs to $72.00.

Next, I used 7,200 points to write off this expense on my Capital One Venture card.  

While in Athens, we wanted to stay in a more luxurious hotel. We booked 2 nights in the Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Athens. This hotel chain is a part of the Club Carlson hotel family, and you can earn their points using the Club Carlson credit card. The Club Carlson Visa Signature card can get you 85,000 points after meeting minimum spending requirements.

We used 38,000 points to book two nights here. This card previously offered buy one night, get one night free when using points (that promotion just ended last month), but I booked the hotel before the deal ended, so we got 2 nights for the price of one.  

Because of our status with the credit card, we are automatically upgraded to a business class room. These rooms are on the top floors and sometimes a bit larger. Ours has a patio. Don't forget, this room is free for us--if you booked online now, a business class room would be 177 Euros ($195) per night. 

There you have it, 2 nights in Athens and a one-way flight covered.

Phew! That's a lot of math! But, it hopefully gives you a bit of insight into our process and how we figured out this leg of our trip!


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