HWGH: Casperia

We are hoping to do a series of posts for our destinations, sharing a bit more in depth about how we used points and miles to get here. Since Rick is the expert in all things points related, he'll be the one explaining how all of this works! Enjoy!

Casperia is a small village northwest of Rome, so from Sorrento we just took local transport back to Naples and bought another ticket on Italiarail from Naples to Rome.  The tickets were 24.00 again (48.00 total) and I wrote them of using the Capital One Venture card.  

Once in Rome, we just used some local trains and a bus to travel our way up Casperia.  We are staying two nights at La Torretta Bed and Breakfast.  This place was only 80 Euros per night (around 180.00 USD for 2 nights). We paid for our stay in cash, so no points used there!

Phew! That's a lot of math! But, it hopefully gives you a bit of insight into our process and how we figured out this leg of our trip!


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